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Hector Montalvo Shares How Social Media has Transformed the Way He Does Business

Is your business fully capitalising on the social media boom yet? Whether you like it or not Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are completely revolutionising the way we communicate and are helping to form new connections between people from all corners of the globe. For businesses however, social media is about more than just communication. It is a means of expanding market reach and promoting a strong brand identity. It also allows for maintaining open dialogues with customers, potential employees, contractors and suppliers. To help you understand the true power and potential of a successful social media strategy London based business owner and motivational speaker Hector Montalvo opens up about how social media has changed the way we all do business and the benefits of having a strong social media presence.

When starting his first business 14 years ago, building a strong online presence was never really a top priority for sales and marketing entrepreneur Hector Montalvo. However since those early days back in Boston Massachusetts, Montalvo has expanded internationally and is now a key player in both the UK and Irish markets. To reach this level of global growth Montalvo realised he would have to shift his priorities in order to remain relevant in the wake of emerging technologies. Whilst no easy feat, Montalvo remains adamant that having a handle on social media helped his business remain visible even against the backdrop of an uncertain economy. Whilst the economy may currently be strong, this has brought its own set of challenges for Hector Montalvo to contend with. With small business confidence at an all-time high all sectors have seen a rise in start-up activity and businesses now have to work even harder to stand out among these new competitors. Montalvo believes that a solid social media strategy can be central to attracting the right attention to your business and keeping customers engaged and interested to your brand.

But, how can social media help your business in the here and now? Well Hector Montalvo believes one major way social media is transforming business is by shining a light on the importance of real time engagement.

‘I think the world is moving at a faster pace these days and as such, we expect everything instantly. Nothing is more frustrating to a customer than being put on hold or being passed around different departments when seeking help. Social media has provided a quick and easy way for businesses to communicate with people in real time. These communications allow businesses to react quicker and deliver a more personalised experience to their audience. As the majority of people are using social media daily anyway it makes sense for businesses to get in on the conversations and engage with their audience through a means that is already popular.’ States Hector Montalvo.

Whilst the core of Montalvo’s business is structured around face to face interactions, He remains confident that social media has contributed significantly to the growth of not just his business’ brand, but his own personal brand too.

Within my role as a motivational speaker I’m passionate about sharing my experiences and advice with as many people as possible. Social media has played a big role in building my online presence. I am able to post video content and media releases and promote my speaking engagements to a wide and diverse audience. The important thing to remember about social media is that it is give and take, you need to offer followers something in return for their interest and having a platform to share my advice and support through for free has had a dramatic effect on my brand reach and reputation’. 

So if you’re considering taking your first tentative steps into the social media world, what advice does Montalvo have to offer? ‘When I started my business journey I wasn’t as familiar with this technology as today’s generation of entrepreneurs so it was all fairly new and daunting, but the best way to understand it is to take an active role. Familiarize yourself with the platforms and keep an eye on what people are talking about.  Start discussions, post meaningful and useful content, just make the most of every interaction. Of course as a business owner there isn’t always time to be as involved in social media as you would like, so I also recommend seeking out some professional advice and support. Not only will they relieve some of the pressure and help you keep on top of things, but they have the knowledge and experience to help you develop a strong social media strategy and boost your presence online.’ 

By Zenya Smith


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