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How to Create the Perfect Flyer


A lot of advertising mediums tend to be beyond the budget of most small businesses that are seeking to promote a new product or special event. Flyers, however, can be an inexpensive and highly effective way of grabbing attention in a saturated marketplace, also serving as a very effective sales-support tool.

But how exactly do you make your flyer stand out from the rest of the advertising noise that consumers are subjected to on a daily basis? The layout and design of your flyer can impact whether or not your customer decides to read on to find out more information. For this reason, I have decided to outline the main techniques that professional designers use to make their flyers catch the eye of consumers:

Heading: You want a BIG BOLD HEADER that explains the purpose of the flyer and captures the audience’s attention. We’ve discovered that short and snappy often works best.

Subheading: Whilst optional, we recommend this detail as it provides a little more insight into the purpose of the heading. This should be longer than your heading but no longer than two sentences, so make sure you get to the point!

Date: If your flyer is advertising an event you will need the date and time. If you are advertising an offer you will need to provide the date of when that offer lasts until. This is extremely important otherwise no one will make use of your offer or turn up to your event!

Content: This section will vary and completely depends on the purpose of your flyer or leaflet. Make sure you establish the purpose of your flyer and make this clear to your audience. Are you selling a product? Are you offering a service? Or are you offering advice? Are you addressing an important issue? Or are you advertising an event? This section needs to be as clear as possible but in as little text as possible. Keep it clear, concise and to the point. If you have too much information crammed in for people to read, we’re pretty sure you will see those flyers thrown to the floor around the corner!

Special Offers: This might be included in the content section but make sure you highlight any special offers clearly – people love a bargain! This is a great way to capture your audience’s attention so if you are providing a product or service make sure you highlight this visibly on the page and not hidden away in the small print!

Call to Action: What are you hoping to achieve after you hand out your flyer? What is the recipient supposed to do with the information you have provided? In most cases it will be to visit a website or a place but it’s vital you make this part clear!

Contact: How do you want the recipient to find you and contact you? This section is often neglected on flyers and makes the cause seem less credible and often frustrating for consumers who are looking for more information on the event, product, or service. How can a consumer turn up to your event if you haven’t told them where it is? Make sure your flyer includes your address, website, email address, and links to social media so that your customers know exactly where to find you!

Once you have your information sorted you can start looking into designing your flyer or leaflet. Make sure you stay true to your company’s branding and always include your logo! How your flyer looks is ultimately up to you but make sure it is easy to read, the colours complement each other and that it looks attractive from a consumer’s point of view.

We suggest staying true to your company’s branding and perhaps matching the colour scheme with your logo or website so that the recipient learns to associate your company with these professional branding aspects.

Flyers can be a fun way to create a buzz around an event or service that you are offering as long as you cover all the tips above to get your information noticed.


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