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Personal Branding: Clean up your Online Reputation using Brandlective’s Advice

Living in the modern world, online reputation can make or break someone’s career. Many employers now conduct a google or Facebook search before deciding on which candidate to hire. Brandlective Communications Ltd offers advice on how to clean up your online reputation.

An individual’s online presence is a quick way for outsiders to form an opinion of them. Whether its inappropriate pictures being published or unprofessional status updates, they will all have a reflection on the way a person is perceived.

Brandlective Communications, online communication specialists believe that everything on the web and associated with your name can affect your personal brand: job offers, business opportunities, even online dating. As a business, Brandlective invest heavily on maintaining their positive online image, and select their media and social activities with great consideration, whilst still maintaining relevance and personality that will capture its target audience. The firm believe that both businesses and individuals should regularly review their posts and online associations to ensure that the ‘brand’ is offering the right image and keeping in line with the way they wish to be received.

Brandlective offer tips on how to clean up and maintain a positive online presence;

See what others see. Google the chosen name, focus on the first two pages and have a browse on pictures too. Click on each search result on the first two pages. Make sure all information displayed is true.

Anything unpleasant? Take control, utilize the ‘Right to be Forgotten‘ and make plans to bury any negative information that cannot be removed. Google likes new content. Being active on Social networking sites or starting a blog are great places to start. NOTE: Choose who to follow carefully as it is a representation of interests.

Polish that LinkedIn profile, get a professional headshot, and make the profile human by providing a personal statement. Make choices to link the profile to “super connectors” who have a lot of social influence.

Get Google to work for you!Set up a free google alert that signals any new content published about you. Monitor the alerts carefully.

Make that Facebook Profile picture a good one.Facebook is a fun social media tool, share the memories of more personal photos in private albums where there is a select / carefully managed audience. Profile pictures are visible to everyone, make sure it’s suitable for all eyes.

Brandlective Communications is an online marketing and communications agency that helps businesses to grow by improving their online capabilities. The firm specialise in reputation management and through the use of social media, website management and PR, help businesses extend their market reach and gain a positive reputation among industry leaders and consumers. They have a team dedicated to managing social media and reputation management.


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