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HomeFeaturesTofiq Bolwala’s Journey to Success: Dominating the Mid- West

Tofiq Bolwala’s Journey to Success: Dominating the Mid- West

Tofiq Bolwala, the young business owner of successful sales and marketing business F.A.S.T. Global Marketing is currently dominating the Mid-West with exciting expansions all across the area. The hardworking business owner has spoken exclusively to BrandMag about what factors have contributed to his success. Having had no previous experience in the sales and marketing industry, Mr Bolwala started in the industry in 2015 and made quick progress, opening his own business in Chicago within 20 weeks of his start date.

Having laid strong foundations in this short time, F.A.S.T. Global Marketing has now been open for just under a year but is making phenomenal waves within the industry. Tofiq Bolwala has not only delivered exceptional results but has recently expanded into Indianapolis as well as branching out into two further locations in Chicago. This is a truly incredible feat for someone who has been in business for such a short period of time. With statistics often discouraging entrepreneurs, with 1 in 3 start-up businesses said to be doomed to fail, Mr.Bolwala is stamping out these claims and proving how time and experience are not the main factors to success when launching a business.
This incredible achievement is something which entrepreneurs from every industry hope to accomplish but many are unsure how to do so or unwilling to take the necessary risks. Tofiq Bolwala has revealed to BrandMag how he is confident that this kind of success requires a strong mentality and undeniable focus for the task at hand. We asked the successful business owner what he felt allowed him to maintain this mentality and focus and we discovered the 3 main factors for Mr. Bolwala’s success:
1. I have an unwavering desire to help my family constantly, Tofiq Bolwala informed BrandMag. The young entrepreneur highlighted how throughout his journey he has focused on bettering not only his own life but the lives of his family also.
2. I have been able to maintain a student mentality which has allowed me to ask the right questions and learn as I went. Mr. Bolwala shared how having a student mentality means being prepared to learn and to accept advice, It is important to accept that you don’t know everything yet and therefore welcome advice from those more experienced.
3. I also learned to apply everything that was taught to me, Tofiq Bolwala told BrandMag. It is not enough just to listen to advice, it must actually be applied in a real-life situation. Having spoken to Mr. Bolwala about his success, it has become clear that every individual must have an end vision, goal or why which motivates them to continue through the risky decisions and the bad days as equally as when things are going well. In Mr. Bowala’s case his unwavering why was his goal to better his family’s lives as well as his own. We believe that a persons why will motivate them in multiple ways to reach their goals.
At BrandMag our advice to business owners is to remind yourself of your why on a daily basis. This could be as easy as sticking a post-it note with your why written on it, onto your computer so that you see it every day. It could mean, having your favourite family photo hung in your office, or a photo of that holiday destination, or nice car that you are working towards. Tofiq Bolwala focuses on his why on a daily basis and has shared how this has motivated his current business success. The business owner has also revealed future plans to oversee 10 offices in the Mid- West area and beyond.
By Megan Paynter
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