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Unsure Where to Start With Social Media? The Essential Mini Social Media Training Guide


For a small business with limited resources and experience, navigating the ever-changing world of social media can be near impossible. To help new business owners get a grip on social media and understand how keeping up with its mile a minute pace could benefit their organisation, Brandlective Communications have released the following social media training guide.

Whilst it’s no secret for SMEs, social media can return unprecedented results in terms of brand reach and customer loyalty. For those who have limited resources or have not had an online presence, the task of taking on social media can be a little overwhelming. It can also be tough to know where to start, with many SMEs unclear on where to invest the majority of their online marketing budget and confused as to which platforms they should be using in order to scale up efficiently.

Although the world of social media may feel like a minefield, there are concentrated, methodical steps professionals can take to ensure they take the right approach for their business. To start off on the right track, Brandlective Communications have offered the following essential guide to social media training.

Setting Up Ads

Just like any form of adverting, engaging with consumers through social media requires some level of market research. To test the water and understand what consumers are drawn to, SMEs should test a handful of different images and marketing copy to identify which receives the greatest engagement and interaction on social platforms from each of their target demographics.  Using desktop applications to track location, time and consumer interests can also help a business to deliver more targeted adverts, and therefore more impactful social media advertising.

Facebook Custom Tabs & Landing Pages

Facebook is currently evolving some great applications and features to support the growth of SMEs on their platform from ecommerce storefronts, to tabs such as ‘subscribe’ or ‘enter our competition’; both of which allow for onsite conversion opportunities. To get the most from these features SMEs need to be testing them in the same way they test their ads, by putting out a range of copy, call to actions and images to assess which receives the most audience interest and interaction.  It’s also important to use high quality images with less than 20% text so that users can seamlessly transition from ad to tab or page destination.

A/B Testing

When weighing up variables and testing the water in terms of audience preference, it’s important to only test ONE variable at a time, or SMEs could run the risk of muddling up data and confusing their results. For example If testing calls to action, brands could run an image with a call to action alongside a designated call to action button to clearly determine which receives a higher click rate, as opposed to testing multiple images, copy and calls to action simultaneously.

By Zenya Smith

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