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The Rebrand Effect

We’ve put together a list of five of the most successful examples of rebranding, from food groups to fashion brands. 

Nobody expected Burberry to survive the storms of the modern fashion marketplace due to their brand reputation be handed off to the less elite – almost definitely down to counterfeits. We can credit two American executives with reviving the British brand: Rose Marie Bravo and Angela Ahrendts. As CEO from 1997 to 2005, Bravo brought in designer Christopher Bailey. He and Bravo’s successor, Ahrendts, took the turnaround from there, deftly blending updates of the old (that traditional trench coat, that familiar check) with an embrace of the new social media and aggressive China strategy. That led to an unprecedented resurrection, record financial results, and acclaim for a fashion house that is once again a luxury trendsetter, with names such as Emma Watson and Kate Moss once again wearing the famous fashion brand. 

It is not to say that Nokia has stopped competing with smartphones that dominate the market such as Samsung and of course Apple, but they have definitely made the right decision to go back to their roots. Nokia has brought back the indestructible 3310 – with 1 month of standby battery life, the infamous Nokia ringtone and even kept the childhood game, snake, that we all love and missed. Kept at the incredibly competitive price of £42 per model. We’re excited for when the 3310 gets released, after all, 50% of the phones sold in the UK each year are still feature phones similar to the Nokia 3310.  

Trendy food – 2017 seems to be the year of health. Restaurants all over the world have made sure that they either appear to be healthier or they have kept to their roots but added some healthy options. Even McDonalds has started to offer healthy options (grilled chicken salad – 133kcals). We’re in the year where protein pots, healthy smoothies, super-food salads and avocados – are now everyday items that you can find in almost all grocery stores/ supermarkets – providing healthy options that are accessible to people who have the money but may not have the time to create their own healthy meals. It’s now incredibly cool to be healthy – shown by the amount of Instagram followers that ‘healthy’ / ‘free-from’ bloggers have compared to the less healthy food bloggers. 

 Author: Zoe Risbridger-Smith

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