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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s colourful capital city, can often be dismissed by business professionals as simply a stopover destination when travelling between Europe and Australasia. This assumption does the magical city a grave injustice considering just how much the multicultural metropolis has to offer. There’s a lot more to this place than connecting flights, and with the International Airport a whopping 56km from the city centre, spending your time in KL cooped up in a hotel by the airport would be a crying shame.

Anyone who travels frequently for work will tell you that business travel isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Delayed flights, traffic, jet-lag, and being stuck in an endless array of conference rooms doesn’t necessarily make for pleasant travel experiences. But travelling for work doesn’t need to be a bore and my recent business trip to New York City was the perfect example of taking advantage of travelling in a cultural metropolis for business.

Impressively cosmopolitan and almost embarrassingly handsome – the bustling city of Sydney welcomes thousands of business travellers each year from across the globe.

Whether you are coming to Miami as a first-time business traveller or looking at it as a more permanent proposition, the City of Miami has a lot to offer the entrepreneurial minded. Here Gavin Walsh, a leading business owner based in Miami has shared some of his favourite things about this vibrant city and reveals what it was that inspired him to call the city home after running a string of successful businesses throughout Europe.

Just thinking of Los Angeles conjures up images of celebrity parties, Oscar ceremonies and the Hollywood sign but there is more to the City of Angels than just the entertainment industry. Historically, Silicon Valley in San Francisco has been the tech hub of California but Los Angeles is starting to see a dramatic increase of tech start-ups – Snapchat and Tinder, two of the biggest apps of all time, are based in LA.

The thought of running multiple businesses simultaneously, in the world’s most competitive markets would surely terrify most, but for entrepreneur Tim Kennedy it is just another day in the office. Over the last 13 years Kennedy has been expanding his sales and marketing firm LMS Thinking throughout the UK, Ireland, USA and Australia and now spends much of his time working between these countries.  Here, Tim Kennedy provides some insight into his background and how he manages his busy schedule, no matter where in the world he may be.

Most people aren’t too sure what to expect when they plan a visit to Liverpool. Most people are not aware of the fact that it is in the top 10 largest UK cities. The city can be traced back to 1190, and since then it has become a city booming with some of the country’s most astounding historical sights.

Just because you run your business and can work anytime and anywhere, doesn’t mean you should.