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Emojis – the much-loved Japanese craze was made popular across the world by products such as Apple and Android. Emojis can be used to express a whole range of emotions, making digital communications flow without any need for words. But are they acceptable in marketing? I delve deeper to find out whether consumers really relate to emojis in advertising or whether they cringe at each brands’ attempt to be ‘down with the kids’.

Just thinking of Los Angeles conjures up images of celebrity parties, Oscar ceremonies and the Hollywood sign but there is more to the City of Angels than just the entertainment industry. Historically, Silicon Valley in San Francisco has been the tech hub of California but Los Angeles is starting to see a dramatic increase of tech start-ups – Snapchat and Tinder, two of the biggest apps of all time, are based in LA.

With the economy all over the world feeling very fragile, it is vital that aspiring entrepreneurs know how to achieve success even in uncertain times. Business owner and entrepreneur James Sagar has spoken exclusively to BrandMag about how he turned a negative situation, in an economic downturn, into a new opportunity for success, and how he went from out-of work tradesman to successful businessman.

Candace Keefe, CEO of health, beauty and lifestyle brand Bioceutica firmly believes that we could all gain great things from saying yes a little more often, and she should know. After recently orchestrating the ‘Just Say Yes’ campaign for Bioceutica, things have snowballed for the brand – which looks to be growing at a record rate. Candace Keefe recently spoke to BrandMag to share her reasons behind launching the campaign and explained why she is on a mission to encourage more people to ‘Just Say Yes’.

Tofiq Bolwala, the young business owner of successful sales and marketing business F.A.S.T. Global Marketing is currently dominating the Mid-West with exciting expansions all across the area. The hardworking business owner has spoken exclusively to BrandMag about what factors have contributed to his success. Having had no previous experience in the sales and marketing industry, Mr Bolwala started in the industry in 2015 and made quick progress, opening his own business in Chicago within 20 weeks of his start date.

Since the launch of Google’s RankBrain, an artificial intelligence system that interprets search engine queries, people have begun to sit up and take notice of A.I and its real world application. Far from being something confined to the pages of Science Fiction, Artificial Intelligence is changing how many industries operate and with Google’s latest foray into A.I it’s time for online marketers to heed the following warning; the old rules of SEO no longer apply.