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Having initially committed to a degree in Media and Communications, you wouldn’t necessarily expect Will Ross to know much about Sales and Marketing. As it turns out, the resourceful and ambitious entrepreneur found his true calling in the world of outsourced sales and marketing after graduating and since opening his company in 2014 and now has three thriving offices across the UK.  

Small business owners are waging a constant battle against stress and their own emotions to stay at the top of their game, however, in the majority of cases, this is a fight they are destined to lose. Business owner and Entrepreneur Ben Lambert has spoken to BrandMag on how he overcomes emotional baggage to hold on to his crown as one of the UK’s most celebrated sales and marketing entrepreneurs.  

With the economy all over the world feeling very fragile, it is vital that aspiring entrepreneurs know how to achieve success even in uncertain times. Business owner and entrepreneur James Sagar has spoken exclusively to BrandMag about how he turned a negative situation, in an economic downturn, into a new opportunity for success and how he went from out-of-work tradesman to successful businessman.  

Managing Director Glen Lowes has spent years building his Complete One empire into the success it is today and has spoken to BrandMag about the biggest challenges every startup faces and the best approaches to responding to them in order to reach the top.
On-page SEO is the practice of optimising individual web pages in order to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines. The Google Panda update increased the necessity for unique and well-written content and we believe this also needs to be supported by well-chosen keywords and the correct page tag structure.

With 100 million active users and 77% of college students using it daily, Snapchat is a mobile photo-messaging app that allows users to take photos and short videos that remain viewable to recipients for approximately 10 seconds; after that, the snapdisappears and cannot be retrieved. 

Tofiq Bolwala, the young business owner of successful sales and marketing business F.A.S.T. Global Marketing is currently dominating the Mid-West with exciting expansions all across the area. The hardworking business owner has spoken exclusively to BrandMag about what factors have contributed to his success. Having had no previous experience in the sales and marketing industry, Mr Bolwala started in the industry in 2015 and made quick progress, opening his own business in Chicago within 20 weeks of his start date.
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Just thinking of Los Angeles conjures up images of celebrity parties, Oscar ceremonies and the Hollywood sign but there is more to the City of Angels than just the entertainment industry. Historically, Silicon Valley in San Francisco has been the tech hub of California but Los Angeles is starting to see a dramatic increase of tech start-ups – Snapchat and Tinder, two of the biggest apps of all time, are based in LA.

Content marketing has become an increasingly integral part of how SEO works today and businesses of all sizes cannot afford to ignore the bigger picture of content marketing if they want an effective online presence.

With Google handling more than 3 billion searches a day, ‘Google it’ has become an everyday term for many of us but what if you’re looking at it from a business perspective and you want your website to rank higher in Google? Well, there are over 200 factors that Google considers when ranking a website.