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Why Every Small Business Needs a Website


A staggering number of small businesses still don’t have a website. Word of mouth can only do so much for a small enterprise and Digital Marketing Agency, Brandlective Communications were eager in a recent blog post on their website to promote why growth in today’s competitive market is reliant on having an online presence.

The internet plays a key role in helping businesses of all sizes reach new customers, irrespective of industry. For a small enterprise to not have what is now considered a fundamental aspect of marketing up and running, it will stunt their growth.

It’s vital for businesses to invest in a website – and customers may be missing out on businesses due to their lack of visibility. Reaching consumers in the fastest way possible is essential for any businesses success and a website is a fantastic way to achieve that.


3 key benefits of having a business website:

1) Appearing in the consumer research process.

With more and more customers using the internet to search for information about companies, products and services, even small businesses will benefit immensely from having some form of presence online. Brandlective states that this is because it is now second nature for consumers to research a company’s information and presence online before making a purchase and do their due diligence.

2)An increase in customers.

The internet offers a global community. By being available online, a business will be reachable by customers who are not only in the local area but anyone that is searching for the products or services you provide across the globe. This opens up a range of new opportunities, with expansion and development being just one of these. With a website, a company’s business will be visible around the world any time of day or night.

3) Trustworthiness.

If a company’s website or social media channels are lacking, the discovered deficiency may well be enough to put the customer off through a lack of trust. Consumers may feel suspicious when it comes to buying from that business due to their lack of existence online. Having a website provides a resource or 24-hour online brochure about what the business does. For a small investment it’s now possible for SMEs to sell themselves attractively to target customers using their professional websites.


Whilst having an online presence is a must for today’s businesses – it does not mean it needs to break the bank. User- friendly, mobile responsive web designs can be obtained for just a few hundred pounds so even those with small budgets can benefit from them.

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