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What Does Colour say about your Business?

When branding your business it is important to understand the role that colour and images play in the way consumers perceive your brand. Colours evoke emotions in a person and can say things about your business that you had not even realised were possible through colour alone.

It’s not good enough to simply pick a colour because you like it. The colour should set you apart from, but also work well with your industry and image, and tie into your brand promise. It must also take into account colour psychology and the emotions you want consumers to associate with your brand, whether this is positivity, happiness, comfort, trust, sophistication or stability. The chosen colour must then integrate throughout your entire brand including, logos, landing page, product and much more.

“Currently the most popular branding colours amongst existing businesses are red, blue, greyscale and yellow. 95% of brands use one or two colours and only 5% use more than 2 colours.”

Choosing a colour should depend on multiple factors including: the message you want to convey, the target demographic, industry, culture and situation, because people respond differently to different colours. Universal research has revealed that women do not like gray, orange or brown but do like blue, purple and green. Men do not like purple orange and brown but do like blue, green and black.

Here is some crucial information about the emotions some main colours evoke in consumers.

Blue is perceived as trustworthy, dependable, financially responsible and secure.

Red is attention grabbing, increases the heart rate and is often associated with provocative feelings or aggression.

Green connotes health, freshness and serenity, and sometimes wealth.

Yellow is associated with the sun and communicates optimism, positivity, light and warmth.

Purple evokes mystery, sophistication, spirituality and royalty.

Pink conveys energy, youthfulness, fun and excitement.

Orange evokes exuberance, fun and vitality and often appears childlike.

Brown conveys simplicity, durability and stability; it sometimes elicits a negative response from those who associate it with dirt.

Black is serious, bold, powerful and classic; it connotes sophistication and is best used for expensive products.

White connotes simplicity, cleanliness and purity and is often associated with health.

Colour drastically affects human behaviour and the colour of branding can lead to a direct impact on sales and website conversions. If a consumer feels as though they can relate to the colour, and therefore the message your brand is conveying they are more inclined to become a loyal, paying customer. Typically it takes a consumer just 90 seconds to form an opinion on a product and around 62-90% of that opinion is determined by the colour of the product alone.


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