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How to Choose the Perfect Image for Your Marketing Campaign

In today’s social media age, strong, emotive imagery is a major marketing tool which if used correctly, could help a business engage more deeply with their target audience. Compared to 15 years ago when flyers and Billboards were still very much at the forefront of the marketing industry, today’s marketing content is consumed at a startling rate.

As Consumers, we have become accustomed to accessing new content quickly and more regularly through social media. Due to this, businesses are under a constant pressure to distribute regular marketing content and build a solid brand that meets the needs of this new breed of tapped in, savvy consumers. With almost 80% of our learning resulting from purely visual stimuli, it is more important than ever for businesses to be thinking proactively when it comes to the imagery they use in their marketing campaigns.

As well as being an internationally understood language, imagery also appeals almost exclusively to the creative, right hemisphere of the brain. The right side of our brain houses our creative flair, and our intuition and ability to express emotions such as trust and confidence. By refusing to include imagery in their marketing content, businesses are only able to resonate with the logical left hemisphere of the brain, meaning that generating the emotional response needed to forge meaningful connections can be difficult, if not impossible.

With marketing content receiving 94% more views if it includes imagery, now really is the time for businesses to up the ante when it comes to emotive visual marketing, but where do you start? Here are the 5 questions you should always ask yourself, to ensure you are picking the best imagery for your brand.

Does the Imagery Appeal to Your Target Audience?

‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ and as such a single image can generate many different emotions. It’s important for you to ensure the emotions people feel when viewing your imagery are in alignment with your brands core values and identity.

Is the Imagery Consistent?

As humans, we respond well to and trust familiarity. It may seem trivial but by ensuring the imagery across all of your marketing channels has at least an air of consistency can help to encourage greater trust among consumers and promote a stronger sense of professionalism.

Is your imagery Different from Your Competitors?

It takes less than a minute for a customer to form an initial impression of your business, however if your imagery is similar to others within your industry this ‘first’ impression could be marred by their previous experiences with other brands. After taking the time to develop and craft your brand identity, choosing lack lustre imagery can put your business at an instant disadvantage.

Does your Imagery Reflect the Values and Personality of your Company?

Is your imagery giving customers a realistic representation of what they can expect from your brand? Consumer trust is so easily broken therefore it’s vital that your imagery speaks the truth and reflects the core values of your business.

Although imagery is important, it should be noted that it should never be used as a substitute or a distraction from poor content. Great imagery can capture the attention of customers, however without the content to back it up; customers are unlikely to ever fully engage. Businesses should remember that first impressions count, and take their time when choosing imagery for their brand.



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