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6 Blogs Every Entrepreneur Should Follow 


As a leading business owner in Scotland, Kirsty Pennal understands the importance of continuously developing new skills. Ms. Pennal works closely with young leaders within her business and highlights how entrepreneurship and business development are subjects she is extremely passionate about and has plenty of experience in. Both personal and business growth are key focuses for Kirsty Pennal who has high hopes of becoming the top performing entrepreneur in her industry.

As a specialist in growth and personal development, Ms. Pennal is always looking for new sources of learning and finds the best way to keep up to date with industry news and new strategies is to read and follow blogs. Here, Kirsty Pennal has revealed some of the top blogs from fellow entrepreneurs that she enjoys reading:

6 – Mark Cuban
As an entrepreneur with a catalogue of experience, including time on hit US show Shark Tank, Cuban has become a household name. The tone of the blog is smart, blunt, funny and regularly proposes new ideas. “This blog is particularly good to read as it looks into things going on in the real world from an entrepreneurial perspective,” says Kirsty Pennal.

5 – Brad Feld
Extremely relevant because it explores the human side of entrepreneurship, Brad Feld’s blog is dedicated to powerful issues like the intersection of entrepreneurship and depression. The venture capitalist offers advice on the difference between empathy and sympathy, and the importance of truthfulness in mentor-mentee relationships. “I find this particularly helpful as I spend a lot of time mentoring,” reveals Kirsty Pennal.

4 – Gary Vaynerchuk
Vaynerchuk’s job description is someone who builds businesses. That’s what he’s dedicated to and what he does best. “This blog is great for entrepreneurs because, if you are one, you are trying to build a business too,” offers Ms. Pennal.

3 – Guy Kawasaki
“After reading Kawasaki’s outstanding seminal books on starting a company, I decided to keep up to date with his blog too. It’s full of great information and is an interesting read,” recommends Kirsty Pennal.

2 – Mark Suster
Having founded and sold two companies Suster has done the entrepreneurship dance twice over. Now a seasoned venture capitalist Suster has a unique perspective which he shares willingly on his blog. “I enjoy Mark Suster because he offers exclusive advice on new technologies, which is great to get ahead on, in a world of constant technological innovation,” offers Ms. Pennal.

1 – Brendon Burchard 

“My favourite blog was recommended to me by a fellow business owner and is great for insightful videos on the human side of entrepreneurship,” reveals Kirsty Pennal. Brendon Burchard offers insightful tips on success, planning, following intuition, how to avoid being overwhelmed by entrepreneurship and much more. These great every day tips are valuable for any business owner.

Kirsty Pennal believes that every business owner should follow blogs and read advice from entrepreneurs who have been there and got the t-shirt! “Reading is a valuable way to enhance your knowledge,” offers the leading business owner.

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