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LinkedIn Launch Update to Company Pages

With 450 million users, but only 25% of them using it monthly, LinkedIn is long overdue a makeover. The professional networking site has announced a bunch of big changes that are going to take place on the layout of ‘company pages’. The reason for the redesign is to tempt users to log in more and spend more time using the platform. And as for businesses, the new look page should generate a much higher user engagement than what is currently seen. 

 LinkedIn Launch Update to Company PagesSo, what will the new look have? 

There will be a cleaner look and feel with the content of the page now allotted in three separate areas; overview, jobs and life. Users will be able to see additional content for each heading with a simple click of the mouse making it much easier to navigate the page. 

The overview isn’t going to change much, but there will now be an area for company photos; a nice way for businesses to show a visual insight into their company.  

LinkedIn has decided to simplify the jobs section on their pages, so it will be easier and quicker for job seekers to get the necessary and relevant information that they want.  

Life is an entirely new tab that will aggregate all of the information to give a holistic view of the company via videos, employee perspectives, languages and causes the company invests in.  

This new look page will be much more visual and generate better marketing opportunities for businesses through branding and visibility. In 2015, LinkedIn surpassed Facebook as the social platform of choice among B2B marketers; the new look page will be rolled out to brands shortly, so companies should be prepared to jump on board and take advantage of the changes and how they can be used as part of their online marketing strategy.  
LinkedIn Launch Update to Company Pages

Breakout Box – Should you use Articles or Updates for sharing personal content? 

Updates – this is a short message with a function to direct traffic back to a page through network connections. They also come in useful when sharing third-party content that you want to comment on or respond to.  

Articles – publishing articles is basically like writing a blog. They are attributed to individuals, so aligning them with updates from company pages is crucial. You can include titles, images and videos when writing an article on your page.  

It is important to choose the correct option when sharing content because deciding on the wrong one can work against you.  Remember that updates are short, sharp sentences that are written to direct other users back to your page, where are articles are much longer and give more insight into a certain topic.  Articles are an excellent way to show your leadership in an individual industry. Use both; they will create a strong identity for you and your brand.

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