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Are You Tuned in to Twitter?

The lines between SEO and Social media are blurring. With a current user population of over 288 million worldwide, Twitter is quickly becoming one of the front-runners of social networking, however many businesses are yet to tap into it’s potential.

What Is Twitter?

Unlike other social networking platforms, which can be restrictive in whom a user can message, Twitter allows users to reach out and message those outside of their friendship group or regular contacts. This freedom means that Twitter is often considered to be far more social, and allows people from all over the world to communicate directly with one and another.

140 Characters? That’s not enough surely?

Many businesses may be put off by the character limit that Twitter promotes. However, Twitter is focused on clear and precise communication, exactly what every business should be trying to promote their customer interactions. Industry jargon and long-winded explanations destroy customer relationships as it can make a business appear dishonest or purposely misleading. The 140 character limit on Twitter can, therefore, be seen as a blessing in disguise for a number of businesses, forcing them to revaluate their communication capabilities.

Why is Twitter Beneficial to Business?

How often do you have your phone in your hand? Often, we know. For active Twitter users, checking Twitter has become as much of a routine in daily life as going to the bathroom. In fact, the average Twitter user spends more than 7 hours a month scrolling through Twitter.

This presents a fantastic opportunity for businesses across the world to reach out and expand their consumer base. With Twitter users being so open to new ideas and interactions, businesses can use the platform to spread messages faster than ever before, pulling in new customers and keeping existing ones up to date with the latest developments within the business.

In the past, should a customer want to communicate with a business the only means to do so would be by phone or email, which often involved an incredibly long wait for a response and caused a great deal of frustration, damaging the delicate relationships between brand and consumer. However, Twitter allows customers to contact businesses on their own terms in a way that is convenient to them.

Can Twitter Help My Business Grow?

Yes! There are many ways that Twitter can help businesses to grow and plan for the future. Twitter presents businesses with an easy way develop a clear picture of who their customers are and what they want from their products. The great thing about social media is that users are constantly sharing their beliefs, values, likes and dislikes which, for businesses, especially those that are still trying to determine their target audience can be invaluable. Twitter is also an incredibly powerful networking tool, allowing users from all over the world to come together and share ideas.

So, get your business online and share your first Tweet!

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